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12 October 2009 @ 07:12 pm
oh what the fuckkkk.
scary shitz.
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01 September 2009 @ 01:11 am
Suddenly. its going to be lonely.
17 March 2009 @ 06:57 pm
i hate life. D:

and i have no money laa. no money.

16 March 2009 @ 11:20 pm
Lets go through some music.
Music is great. :)
Gives me fun times at school.

Abingdon Boys School
Alice Nine (?)
Fairy Fore
Epik High
FT Island
Hin Cheung
Jang Ri In
Jay Chou
Rainie Yang
Raymond Lam
Rie Fu
Stephy Tang
Super Junior
The Brilliant Green
TM Revolution
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16 March 2009 @ 10:22 pm
I almost forgot how much I like the good weather.

Today I was finally able to look up at the sky, and see the blue sky and the white clouds. Also, being on the fields was good too. :) A change from the depressing hall.
It was also very fun on the field. :)
Adam and Zak playing on their guitars on a little step, and everyone else singing and laughing. I enjoyed it. It was like, everyone joined in randomly, even though they had no idea what was going on. No one was left out, and we all joyfully sang to the guitars. :) Obviously we were shit at it though XD
It was very calming, espeically sitting around in the fields on such a good day. :)

I havent felt happy like today at lunch for a while now.

I really really enjoy staring up at the sky when the weathers good. :)

Well, tbh, im really afraid of the hotness? It kills me. So, i do like the sunshine with a small breeze. Maybe spring is my favourite season? But, i guess each season has their advantage.

I remember in the winter....walking around with Chad in the snow. Fun times. :) walking up some slope thing, me and Chad running around in the field having a random snow fight. Chad trying to throw a snowball at a random stranger and missed. I remember trying to steal his hat with viv :D. And the good good times with Karen at the Town Park. With the big big hills where she rolled down them face first. And the time when we filled a trolley up with snow and rode on it, only then realising that the workers were watching us steal their trolley.
I will never never forget that snow day.
It was awesome.
And the time when me and vivienne decided to slide around on a piece of ice next to the road. :D fun times fun times.

And in the autumn, hmm. to be honest I cant quite remember, but, i probably had some fun times at the town park with Chad and random people? Oh, and the October Expo. Hmm, autumn is alright...

Summer time, is always fun cause of the long holiday we have. :) Its crazily hot.
I remember the good times of playing tennis with lydia. Losing the ball on the other side of the fence, and then looking in the bushes for a peado?
but...I remember enjoying fun times in my garden. Espeically with Beki, but that was years ago. Me and my brother used to play badminton a lot in the garden when the weather was good. And i remember hanging the laundry up with my mum? And, watching the tortoise next door run around on the grass, and poking it when i was a kid. Although, i dont think i can do that anymore.
My garden, gives me many good childhood memories. Good enough to be painful.

That is what, the weather makes me think about.-
Good times.

I found a pie with no name.
And its name was Derek?

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15 March 2009 @ 12:03 pm
So, instead of doing my geography coursework, i've decided to sit around all morning watching Super Junior Lives. Watched the MV last night whilst talking to Wing. Well, hmm. Due to the fact that i had been anticipating this mv for the last week, i wasn't very excited about it? It was like..."oh wow, the MVs finally out..o_o" sorta thing. If i had seen it when i first heard the MP3, im sure i would have gone crazy. But like. Wtf? the MV is really really retarded and weird. o_o the start was......Wtf???

Butttt, after watching their lives over and over, ive found a new love for the song.
Well, i actually like the live version better?? You can actually hear their voices?? XD Also, theyve improved a lot on their...erm live skills?? They can actually sing live now. :D

So anyway. Yeah. Lets go through this Live.
Hangeng- At the start is like...WTF? He looks like a total retard. xD in a cool way? Just cause its him. But, i swear he doesnt have any singing parts at all?
Siwon- LOLS. He looks....gay...as usual. Whats with the comb over?
Kyuhyun- I actually. really like him in this song? i like his voice. 8D although, doesnt he look exactly how he looked in suju M?? XD but yeah.....he has quite a lot of parts in this song so...he was cool. :D
Ryeowook- Haha. Even though hes had a haircut, he still looks gay. GAYYY. xD
Sungmin- i quite like the teamwork with ryeowook in this song? Hahaha. Sungmin xD hes going for the gangster look. xD
Kangin- Lol sorry. but.. wtf?.......is it me...or does he look..like......really..chubby? more chubby than normal? o_o
Leeteuk- T_____T he has like..no parts in the song whatsoever. Saw him like once in this live??
Eunhyuk- Ahh, i love him in this song. XD hes...pretty cool in this. Hes totally going for the tablo look?? o_o?? <3
Shin Dong- Wows. :D hes pretty cool. He has gone skinnier hasnt he? hasnt he? Sorry but HEY, isnt he the same size as Kangin now?? XD Lmao. Im going to get hit for saying that..o___O
Yesung- Yeah man, love his new hair. :D :D He actually has...loads of parts in this song? But....i couldnt hear his voice at all when i heard the mv? Hes voice has changed???. o_o But yeah. Love his new hairrrrrr. xD
Heechul- :D........he doesnt have much parts either? Apart from at the end, when he does a retarded laugh. xD Lol. Hes cool. :D but ive heard hes had an accident, and hurt his foot, so he cant really dance? thats why he doesnt appear much. Im sure if he could, he would dancing......like...imensely.
Kibum- MAN. hes like..invisible??? He doesnt appear at all. o_o only saw him once in the MV? AND, hes not in any of the lives either because hes in the US right now. D:
Donghae- Looks cool like normal. Lol, i duno why, but i really like the bit when he does "G-G-G-G-Girl", for ages xD

Lol i better not have missed anyone out? But anyway. CORRRRR, THEIR LIVES ARE GOOD. :D XDDD
So yeahhh. Theyre so cool XD
Bahahahaha. xD
what a weird song? Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
Hope they come up with some more cool music soon. :D
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14 March 2009 @ 09:50 pm
i love you wing. :)
09 March 2009 @ 06:24 pm

Can't be asked to try and fit in.

i would prefer to stay at home and sleep.

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28 February 2009 @ 10:17 pm
Weird Relationship: Wife and Asian Dad?. o_o. what am i?
I enjoy being your asian dad more. :)
it reminds me of good times.
like...monacle man. 6D (Y) (Y) (Y).
and other weird shit we were talking about on msn
8O - Rules our convos. :D :D :D
You will be waiting for him every night to give him a cup og coffee. 8D
Lol...that just reminded me of......coffee prince?. o_o
Wow, you should pretend youre a guy. :D cause then. DTM will defo start flirting with you. :D
that..reminds..me..o_o. does he still have a boyfriend?.
And like...Wow, coffee prince. :D good times of watching fake guy on guy? .o.o
o___o that also reminds me of the big bang parody. o_o
and..then..that makes me think of G Dragon..... yeah...o_o wtf? YAY. G DRAGON. <3
asian dad---> 9D --->DTM's wife ----> coffee prince ----> big bang ----> fangirling about G Dragon?

Anyway..o_o. yeah. i must teach you the asian way in life.
Did i tell you? Apparently. asians are supposed to be good at maths? All chinesey chinky people. o_o. Meaning, you can be a true asian if you work hard in mathematics. :D soooo, you should...try hard and get good grades in Maths to become an asian. :D :D
Getting raped by michael chu may also make you chinesey?
You crazy fake asian egg. :D :D :D :D :D
wow. i forgot why we made all these...names..and..stuff..like.....asian egg and....asian dad?
OHHH. I remember.. Aiden's asian dad. (Y) (Y).
Asian life ----> Maths ----> Michael Chu ----> Aiden's family?

We are, good students! (Y) (Y) (Y) Lols. Fun times watching asians fail at english. :D

Listening to ABS. :D so cooooool mannnn.

I have serious ADD problems. O_O
Fun fake asian times. xxxxx

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09 December 2008 @ 05:23 pm
Hah. in the end..i didnt write in my journal everyday to report what was happening while people were in italy? ;/ sorry.
but hey.

They're home now. ;D

that's about it. so, welcome home. ;D hehehe.

luvoo all for returning. ;D


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